Common products that contain health risks

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Many products accepted as normal may actually contain unnecessary health risks that you may decide just aren't worth taking.

You know that overwhelming chemical smell that seeps out when you open a brand new plastic shower curtain package? That funky smell is the polyvinyl chloride that it's made from.  It is a significant source of phthalates exposure and the EPA says it can cause nausea and headaches and may be cancer-causing over time.

Also, flea and tick collars. Research at the Natural Resources Defense Council found that adults who play with an animal that wears a flea and tick collar are exposed to up to 500 times the EPA's safe level of pesticides and 1,000 times higher for children, posing a risk of cancer. However, we don't want fleas and ticks getting on our pets, so instead try oral flea treatments.

BPA is found in plastic, but it's also used to line the inside of cans to keep bacteria out. One of the most contaminated foods with BPA is canned liquid infant formula, but powdered formula has almost no traces of BPA.

Finally, Celebs may swear by them, but colonics and colon cleansing pills can actually be dangerous. The pills are poorly regulated and can make you laxative dependent. Colonic enemas put you at risk for intestinal perforation that can only be corrected with surgery. The intestines are self-cleaning, so unless you're getting a colonoscopy there is no reason to sweep it out.

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