Couples finding romance in CrossFit

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HOUSTON - CrossFit gyms have popped up all over and those dedicated to the intense workouts are finding more than just a healthier lifestyle. But some are also finding love while lifting weights.

Brynn Murphy and Shawn Mclin know that first hand. They briefly met six years ago through a mutual friend and would run into each other every now and then.

"In January 2011 he showed up at my CrossFit gym," Murphy recalled.

Both Murphy and McLin are former college athletes. He wanted to shed some weight and she was already into CrossFit.

"I just walked in and said I remember her and crossed paths for months before even saying a word," McLin said.

One day awkwardness gave way to attraction and Murphy finally struck up a conversation with McLin. Eventually, the flirting began and it has never stopped.

"When we were first getting together all we would talk about was Crossfit. We were the biggest nerds," Murphy said.

CrossFit is still a huge part of their lives and their relationship.

"You come to these work-outs and you kill yourself. You're exhausted, you're pushing the limits of what your body can actually do, but you're sharing that with someone," Murphy explained.

Murphy and McLin say they're not alone. They have plenty of friends who have gotten together through CrossFit.

"I think CrossFit, the biggest thing is that it's a lifestyle. And it's more of a social club," McLin explained.

"You kinda naturally have core values that are falling in place with each other, " Murphy added.

Murphy says CrossFit participants are often competitive, have a strong work ethic and are dedicated to fitness. She says it makes the gyms a common place to find love.

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