Curing autism with food?

A mom shares what she calls her healing secrets

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Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, said disease begins in the gut.  So, it's only natural to assume what we eat does matter. 

Some say what's happening in your brain is usually connected to what's going on in the digestive system and one mom took that to heart.  So much so, she changed her entire family's diet and says it helped cure her daughter of autism.  She's now sharing a few of her gut cleansing recipes.

To know little Zizi now, it's hard to tell she was born a little different.

"Shortly before her third birthday, we got an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis," said Kati Hornung, Zizi's mom.

Kati did her homework and she found something she says changed her family's life.

"The fermented foods are very very healing, they have a lot of good probiotics," she explained.

Kati says it worked for Ziz and at this point, has lost her diagnosis.

Zizi has two favorite dishes.  First, butternut squash and broccoli soup.  In it she puts fermented, caramelized onion, which is her secret ingredient of all of her soups.  She finishes the dish by adding homemade fermented chick stock.  (Click here for recipes)

Zizi's other favorite is banana pancakes with a twist.  Kati says you don't need wheat or flour.  You add two eggs for every one banana. into a bowl.  You add vanilla and cook them.  And, Kati says there's no need for syrup because the bananas provide all the sugar.  If you like, you can serve it topped with blueberries.  (Click here for recipes)

Kati says you will start feeling the difference in no time.

Fermented foods generally do not need refrigeration and don't require artificial chemicals for preservation.  Time actually assists the fermentation process. 

The Gaps Diet was created by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride after working with hundreds of children and adults with neurological and psychiatric disorders.  For more information go to

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