Dangerous food, medication combinations

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Did you know mixing cheese or processed meats and anti-depressants could spike your blood pressure?  Or that licorice and blood pressure meds could lead to paralysis? If you're not careful, the drugs meant to save you could actually do more harm than good. 

From prescription pills to over-the counter meds, medicinal mistakes put at least 1.3 million Americans at risk of death each year.

One of the most reactive foods? Grapefruit.  The fruit's juice can interact dangerously with drugs like Zoloft, Allegra, and Lipitor, potentially causing heart rhythm problems and blood clots

Another deadly combo? Popular medicinal alternatives like garlic, ginger, and ginkgo supplements when taken with blood thinners can cause the blood to become too thin.

Also avoid antibiotics and dairy.  Milk and calcium supplements can stop the absorption of antibiotics, potentially worsening an infection.

Blood thinners can also react differently to foods high in vitamin-k, like spinach, kale, and other leafy greens.  If you eat salads regularly, don't worry; only sudden spikes in vitamin-k are dangerous with blood thinners.

Source: newportnaturalhealth.com/2012/09/dangerous-drug-interactions

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