Doctors: No such thing as over-the-counter ‘testosterone boosters'

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Dr. Daniel Shoskes, a urologist at Cleveland Clinic, says there really is no such thing as an over-the-counter "Testosterone Booster."

"It's not a medical term because there really aren't any substances that we know that will do this," he said.

Shoskes says "Testosterone Boosters", or supplements, are sold with the intention of raising someone's testosterone naturally. But he says the only person who should be administering any type of testosterone replacement is a urologist.  He says one of the reasons testosterone boosters are not safe is because many are not regulated by the food and drug administration.

"A lot of supplements in the rest of the world are very high quality and if they say they're going to do something they have to do it. In the United States, that's not the case, and what you're buying over the counter may not have in it even what they say is there," explained Shoskes.

Shoskes says the only men who should consider testosterone replacement are those with symptoms but even if your testosterone level is low, you may not be a candidate for therapy.

"There is very, very little evidence that treating the number alone is of benefit," said the urologist. "And certainly, I see many men referred to us because of a surprisingly low number who are physically, feeling wonderful, feeling great in every way."

Shoskes says it's difficult to diagnose low testosterone because there is not a single test that will do so.

He says you're better off keeping your weight down and exercising to keep your testosterone level up, naturally.

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