Find a gym membership for less

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Most Americans gain about one to two pounds during the holiday season. If you don't lose it, that can add up to 10 pounds over five years! We all know the key to losing weight is a healthy lifestyle, and for many, that means joining a gym.

But joining a gym can be pricey. To save, join at a local college. Many major universities offer access for about $20 a month.

Also, ask your gym to drop the joining fee. You could save as much as $200. Some gyms also offer lower rates if you go at non-peak hours. These specials often aren't advertised, so ask about them.

Don't forget to price compare. Many gyms will match competitors' deals.

Also, check your health insurance. Some provide up to 60-percent off membership fees. You could save as much as $360 a year.

Your company may also offer deals for employees because it lowers their health care costs.

You can still get in shape without joining a gym. Runner's clubs are also a good way to shed those pounds while working out with friends. Many offer memberships for just $25 a year, and some are even free! Also, home exercise videos can save you time and money. You can find new workouts every day for free on many cable fitness channels.

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