Florida doctor comes up with cellulite solution

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MIAMI - it's a problem that plagues the majority of adult women.  Up to 80 complain of unsightly cellulite. In the search for a cellulite solution, a South Florida doctor has come up with a combination therapy that's providing impressive results.

Most experts believe cellulite is caused by fibrous bands under the skin pulling on pockets of fat.

"Some people believe if you break the fibrous bands that will treat the cellulite while others try to shrink the fat. So what we do now is try to combine both of those methods to get the best result," explained Miami dermatologist Dr. Leslie Baumann.

Baumann came up with a two pronged approach, starting with a radio-frequency device called the Venus Legacy.

"What's special about radio-frequency is you can determine the depth of where the heat goes," she explained. "And you apply the heat to the skin and it doesn't hurt it's kind of like a hot stone massage."

Baumann combines the in office laser treatments with an at-home topical called Resolutin Cellulite. The product contains a high dose of Retinol, which over time can thicken the skin.

"If you thicken the skin, it helps keep the skin taught so if it does come back you don't see it, it disguises it," said Baumann.

Studies show improvement in skin texture after eight weeks of using the topical product daily. Results from the radio-frequency can be seen immediately but it typically takes four treatments - spaced a week apart - to see dramatic improvement.

"I'm sure that therapies are going to get better and better now that we know combination treatments work well," added Baumann.

Baumann's office tells us each treatment takes anywhere from 20 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on the size of the area.  For example, if you are getting your thighs done, it take 30 minutes for each thigh.  The cost ranges from $250 to $750 per treatment. For more information you can call Baumann's office at (305) 532-5552.

Cellulite typically appears after puberty so doctors say the key to limiting it's development is staying active early on. Exercises that build muscle, like lunges, can help smooth the surface of the skin, and reduce the appearance of cellulite.  

Some doctors say liposuction has been shown to be ineffective against cellulite and over the counter creams provide very temporary relief.  Most contain caffeine which dehydrates the skin.  That dimply appearance will return as soon as you drink some water.

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