Food trends to try this year

By Jodi Mohrmann - Managing Editor of special projects
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A new year offers everyone a fresh start.  So, why not introduce some new foods to your diet in 2014?  Laura Jeffers, a registered dietitian at Cleveland Clinic, says if you have not turned to technology to keep your diet on track, now may be the time.

"Anytime someone wants to be more accountable by using an app and tracking maybe what they're eating, tracking their exercise, tracking how much calories are in their foods, things like that, it's always a great thing to do," she said.

Jeffers says more and more people are trying to work protein into their diet, which she says can be easily attained by adding Greek yogurt or egg whites to your diet.

She also expects to see lots of us trying to rid our diets of processed foods.
And Jeffers says not to be surprised if you see people trying more kale or quinoa, or whole grains called freekah or teff.

"So, I think some new whole grains, things like that, are going to be coming to the forefront. I think it's the awareness, too," she explained. "More and more people are trying to eat healthy, so they're trying to sample some new ways to eat."

Jeffers also expects cauliflower to become a vegetable of choice for more people.  She says they're packed with vitamins and they're versatile, meaning they be used in many dishes - even mashed potatoes.

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