Get fit in 2014 with some cool tools

By Jodi Mohrmann - Managing Editor of special projects
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To keep those New Year's resolutions of being healthier or losing weight, try some of this year's coolest new fitness tools.

Like the Kamagon Ball.  It isn't any ordinary medicine ball: it's weighted with water, which makes swings and twists more difficult and more effective because your core has to engage to control the water's momentum. It costs $50.

Swimming can be a great workout, but for those who need music to keep them going swimming might be their second choice. Check out the Finis Swimp3 headphones. Using bone conduction audio transmission, it provides underwater sound without ear buds and can hold up to 500 songs. You can find it for less than $150 online.

Arm bands are bulky and heavy, and stuffing your phone in your shirt is just plain uncomfortable. So try the Flipbelt. It can hold your keys, ID, or phone. The stretchy material hugs your waist, minimizing bounce, and it goes for under $25.

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