Hangover cures worth eating

Asparagus, eggs, honey could help you

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ORLANDO, Fla. - We've all heard the usual hangover remedies: eat a greasy breakfast, pop an aspirin and down a cup of coffee.  But new research shows there are a few better ways to rid the aches.

"Activated charcoal pills," one woman said was her cure.

"My remedy was always like greasy food and Excedrin Migraine. Works every time," said another.

But according to the Journal of Food Science, there are better ways to avoid the headaches and post-party pain.

Instead of aspirin, reach for asparagus.  Asparagus extract has amino acids and minerals that protect your liver against alcohol toxins.  Boil or steam a plate before or after you plan to drink.

Instead of that greasy hamburger, cook up some eggs.  Egg yolks have large amounts of Cysteine, a substance that breaks down hangover-causing toxins.

There's also a sweet option.  Honey provides fructose, which burns off alcohol quickly.  Experts say try two teaspoons in 20 to 30 minutes.

To restore electrolytes the morning after, sip on a mix of warm water and Gatorade.  Orange juice, tomato juice and Pedialyte can also help restore nutrients.

By the way, when it comes to alcohol, the worst hangover offenders are said to be bourbon, whiskey, red wine and beer.  Sipping a glass of water between light-color drinks like vodka and gin can help you stay hydrated and help prevent you from drinking too much.

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