Hot spots where office germs are hiding

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Almost two-thirds of workers spend more time at the office than they did four years ago. Longer hours often translate into more sitting and snacking at the desk. We have more on how the office could literally be making you sick!

Subway poles, public restrooms, movie theaters…they're some of the best places to get sick, but research shows one of the dirtiest places is the office!

A study from the University of Arizona found the average office desk could harbor 400 times more germs than the average toilet seat! Exactly where are they hiding? Home to more than 25,000 microbes per square inch, a Clorox study found the phone is one of the germiest places.

Be careful with those keys! Keyboards can have nearly 3,300 microbes per square inch. The average toilet seat used by both sexes has less than 50!

And how about some sanitizer with that H20? The National Sanitation Foundation counted more than 2 million microbes per square inch on some water spigots.

To keep clean spray, wipe and sanitize. The CDC says stock your desk drawer with wipes containing at least 60 percent alcohol content.

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