Inspectors find 25 violations at Chinese restaurant

Owner blames the bad economy for some of his problems

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Silver Star chinese restaurant on Blanding Boulevard received 25 violations in it's inspection last week and the owner, Jack Wu, says the economy has impacted his ability to keep the restaurant up to standards.

However, Wu says he recognizes he has some cleaning up to do and is ready for the challenge, even if he doesn't have the budget for big improvements.

An inspector found 15 critical violations and 10 non-critical.  Most of the concerns centered on cleanliness and training.  An inspector noted residue in food storage containers, crust on the soda nozzles, employees not washing hands or produce before cutting it.

Wu tells Channel 4 that money is tight and he only has five employees and had to cut a sixth who would have focused on cleaning.

"Now I'll try to get work staff focused on food preparation and everything plus we are a small company," says Wu.

A small company with a small budget trying to keep up with regulations he says are just getting tougher.

"Looks like to me now I'm running a hospital and not a restaurant but you go to a hospital and it will cost you thousands of dollars you come here you spend 5 to 10 bucks," says Wu.

Wu wants to assure customers that despite the violations, the food is safe.  He says the key to that is making sure it's cooked properly.

"That's the main thing, temperature. That doesn't mean I can violate the regulation, but why we stay ok. My family's eating here, I am eating here everyday, my staff, family, friends' family eating here every single week," says Wu.

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