Jacksonville University School of Orthodontics offers affordable dental care

Doctors and students use the latest technology to address dental problems

By Melanie Lawson - The Morning Show anchor

JACKSONVILLE, Fla - Cassiey Wynn is ready for braces and she's getting them at Jacksonville University.  In this office they're using newer technology and fresh young minds to give patients the smile they desire.

Dr. Mark Alarbi is the School of Orthodontics dean.  They're celebrating ten years of service and he says the fact that it's a learning environment actually benefits the patient.

 "Well this is a very exciting place, you know, teaching institutions in general are very energetic, very happy, very dynamic," says Alarbi.

"That's another great aspect of being involved in an institution environment like that. Having access to technology, latest cutting-edge research or approaches, evidence-based care, and of course having the students, the faculty, the interaction that happens on a daily basis," says Alarbi.

It's also affordable care.  Meiching Roberson has a large family and all 7 kids need braces.

"We probably wouldn't have it done because, you know, with seven
children," says Roberson.

When they first moved to Jacksonville they didn't have insurance.  So JU was a good choice, now they stay for the service.

"Just to give you one of the examples, one of my daughters is deaf and when she came, the doctor actually saw her chart.  He went online and he learned a few signs and when she came, he introduced himself all in ASL and she's just so very comfortable and for that we have to stay with JU," says Alarbi.

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