Local man worried he won't be insured for procedure

Man 'still in limbo' as he awaits confirmation on his ACA application

By Elizabeth Campbell - Reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - It won't be long until millions of Americans are officially insured through the Affordable Care Act, but a local man is concerned his coverage won't begin in time for his upcoming procedure.

Like many others, Frank Ingle ran into problems when signing up. Now that he's made it through the process, he's still afraid he won't be insured, and he'll have to cancel his forthcoming operation.

"I'm still in limbo," said Ingle. "They promised they would call and let me know when it goes through, so i'll be waiting on them."

Ingle said he scrambled the past few weeks to get an insurance policy through the Affordable Care Act. After many glitches with the website, he was finally able to successfully sign up and pay his new insurance company.

But now, the problem he faces is with Blue Cross Blue Shield. The company said it still hasn't received his application from healthcare.gov. 

"It's not quite done because I still don't have an insurance ID card or number," said Ingle. "So come the first of the year, should I need any kind of medical care, I wouldn't have any insurance information to give them."

Ingle was told to call back within a week, and that maybe his application would have gone through by then. After not receiving word after the week, he called again and spoke with a woman who said she would call when the transaction went through - she just couldn't say when that would be. 

Ingle said his procedure is elective, so if he doesn't get it he'll be okay. But he said that would be a huge hassle and set him back tremendously.

"I have a little bit more than a week because my procedure is scheduled for the 14th," said Ingle. "So ill give them a couple of weeks but if i don't hear from them, I guess I'll have to cancel the procedure."

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