New strain of NoroVirus accounts for 60% of US flu

'Ferrari of viruses' quicker and more severe than previous strain

Jacksonville, Fla. - There is a new strain of stomach flu according to the Centers for Disease Control, being called the "Ferrari of Viruses" because of its speed and severity.

Since September of 2012, the CDC said the new strain of the stomach flu has accounted for about 60 percent of the outbreak in the United States.

The virus, previously known as the Norwalk Virus, is highly contagious and can spread quickly through places like schools, cruise ships and nursing homes.

Dr. Harold Laski believes because of the severity, this strain is cause for concern.

"We also have to worry about the virus being transmitted. The contagion is through the air, so if someone's vomiting, a little bit of that go in the air and actually cause the virus in somebody," said Laski.

Symptoms of the typical Norovirus include fevers above 100 degrees, headaches, stomach aches, nausea and dehydration.

While the new strain has not been reported in our local area, Dr. Laski thinks it's only a matter of time.

"We've had so many in the last week or two with symptoms, it's sure to manifest itself at least in the near future here."

With flu season in full swing, Dr. Laski suggests washing your hands often, and using common sense.

"Stay away from others who are coughing, if they're vomiting, stay away, because you are preventing [the spread of the virus]," said Laski.

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