New website may be good option for patients

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According to a study by John Hopkins,  diagnostic errors are the number one cause for medical malpractice suits in the United States,  above and beyond surgical mistakes or medication overdoes.  Now, there's a new, simple and cost effective way to have your medical diagnosis reviewed in a few hours or less.

Jenya Titova's mom has been through a lot in recent years: Strokes, breast cancer and back injuries.

"She does everything right but genetically she has a lot of health conditions she has to deal with," said Jenya.

When a surgeon recently told Jenya her mother would need shoulder surgery,  she balked. Jenya wanted a second opinion but the thought of making an appointment, driving to a doctor and waiting in the office was overwhelming.

"That's why we loved second opinions, didn't have to go anywhere we were able to get it online," she said.

She's talking about It's a South Florida-based company, started by former radiologist, Dr. Mike Yuz.

"The whole idea is to make it simple for people around the globe to get a second opinion," said Yuz. "For patients the huge advantages are prevention of medical er errors, prevention of unnecessary medical procedures, and for the whole health care system the main advantage is to obviously decrease healthcare costs  which are out of control."

"Pushing for second opinions is a smart way for patients to become it's also important to come to us with your questions," said Dr. Mehmet Oz. "Doctor in Latin means teacher, we're supposed to teach and if you come to us with questions you can help shape the agenda."

Jenya used the site a second time to review a reported mass in her mothers liver.  Another reading of the report found all was clear.

"We were reassured," said Jenya. "Not sleepless nights, not biopsies and completely with peace of mind."

With, patients can make 'appointments' with experts from a wide range of specialties... upload images and reports... can get an answer in less than a day.

As for the cost,  consultations with a doctor to go over a lab report start at $49 per session.  Reviewing an MRI. is $99.  A second opinion on a radiology report is just $29, which is less than the cost of a typical co-pay.

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