Painful trends could put health at risk

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Some of our favorite fashions trends could hurt your health.  From head to toe, we all want a certain look and to look a certain way, but experts say popular trends could be bad for you.

Formerly known as a girdle, the body shaper women wear may make them look slim and trim but it can also contribute to GERD.  Dr. Richard Desi at the Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore says it's purely a mechanical issue. The tight fitting garment increases pressure on the stomach. Stomach contents then have a greater chance of refluxing back into the esophagus, and that's not the only fashion staple that can create health issues. We show you more.

From sky-high heels to oversized bags, beauty is pain, but some of our favorite fashion trends may actually lead to chronic health problems over time. Skinny jeans: they fit tightly and taper at the bottom of the leg, but this trend could cause a condition that compresses the nerves in the lateral thighs causing pain, tingling, and numbness.

Also, ballet flats and flip flops may seem better than heels, but they can also cause foot problems. They offer no support or cushioning, which can lead to plantar fasciitis, where walking becomes difficult and painful.

Another harmful fashion trend is lacy underwear.  They are fine on occasion, but if worn everyday they can cause problems. Synthetic fabrics and irregular edges can cause burning, itching, and irritation. Lacy underwear combined with slimming undergarments or skinny jeans may make the problem worse and increase the risk of recurrent yeast infections.

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