Pool water can irritate eyes

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School may be back in session but it still feels like summer. If you're seeking relief from the heat, you may end up in the pool.  But if your kids are complaining about their eyes hurting, they're not alone.

Swimming in the pool can be hard on the eyes.  Dr. Rishi Singh, an ophthalmologist at Cleveland Clinic's Cole Eye Institute, says an over-chlorinated pool can really put your eyes at risk.

"In pools nowadays they put a lot of chemicals in the pool and people can develop what is called chemical conjunctivitis," said Singh.

Chemical conjunctivitis is characterized by blurriness, redness and sometimes pain, but can usually be treated by flushing your eyes with cool, fresh water.  Saline drops are also a simple fix for sore eyes.  And if you or your kids wear contact lenses, Singh recommends never swimming with them in.

"You don't want to wear your contact lenses while swimming because bugs and bacteria can basically sit below the contact lens and cause an infection," said Singh.

The chlorine's PH level can also be the source of eye irritation. The fix for that: throw on a pair of goggles.

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