Relieve your knee pain with acupuncture

By Jodi Mohrmann - Managing Editor of special projects
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There are a variety of injuries and ailments that can cause our knees to ache. There are also lots of ways to manage that pain, including acupuncture.

Jamie Starkey, a licensed acupuncturist at Cleveland Clinic, says acupunture relieves knee pain naturally.

"So, it has an analgesic effect," she said. "The brain begins to release endorphins, which are the body's natural opiate and creates that pain relief. Additionally the acupuncture will work as an anti-inflammatory agent."

Starkey says the combination of pain relief and anti-inflammatory benefits will also provide more range of motion within the knee joint and allow the body to heal. She says acupuncture can target a specific pain, no matter the location.

So, whether it's on the inside of the knee or the outside, the acupuncturist can pinpoint the problem. Starkey also says acupuncture can be used before or after a knee surgery.

"You can use acupuncture post-operatively to decrease your pain scores, to decrease the inflammation, and to help the body heal the joint," she explained.

Starkey says it typically takes about 5 treatments, but everyone is different, others may need more.

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