Scientists: Coffee as hydrating as water

Scientists claim new study proves coffee doesn't dehydrate consumers

By Monica Whitsel - Producer
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If you enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or even sometime throughout the day but are concerned it'll dehydrate you, a new study shows you don't need to worry.

Experts have said that drinking coffee can cause a person to become dehydrated. 

The Daily Mail reports scientists from Birmingham University say coffee can be as hydrating as water.

Sports scientist Sophie Killer says the idea coffee dehydrates those who drink it came from a 1928 study. She says research was done on coffee and it's relevant to today's world.

Researchers studied 50 men and how coffee affected hydration compared to drinking water.

Researchers had some men start off drinking four cups of water and then switch to four cups of coffee and had some start with drinking coffee.

During the study the men all ate the same thing. Other restrictions included no alcohol and no intense exercise. 

When researchers tested the blood and urine samples from the men the results showed no difference in hydration between coffee and water.

According to Killer each day the world consumers 1.6 billion cups of coffee. 

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