Study: Married women drink more

Marriage is known to make men buckle down and sober up, but new reports show that tying the knot has the opposite effect on women.

According to a new study in the American Sociological Society women who say "I do" are more likely to drink than single, divorced or widowed women. Researchers think women increase their drinking after marriage to match their husband's habits. The same report shows men actually start drinking less when their married -- especially those who report being happily married. Another study shows married women were also more likely to report being significantly stressed.

Instead of gin try church. The National Marriage Project found 52% of wives who attended religious services and weekly date nights with their husbands report being "very happy." Also hang with the girls! A dove study found 70% of women feel more attractive because of their relationships with female friends.

The American Sociological Society study also looked at what happens when marriage goes sour. Divorced men reported drinking far more alcohol while divorced women drank less than married women.

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