Study: Smokers quit for looks

Health takes a back seat to looks for why people quit smoking

By Monica Whitsel - Producer
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When it comes to smoking kicking the tobacco habit, it appears looks are more important than health.

The Daily Mail reports a study released Monday by VIP Electronic Cigarettes reveals smokers quit because of the negative effects smoking can have on their looks. 

The study focused on 1,500 people, some of which smoked and some who had quit.

Health was not even a top 10 concern for smokers. 

Discolored teeth was the biggest concern followed by bad breath, general odor and wrinkles. Also to make the list of big concerns were fine lines and yellowing nails. 

On average, by the age of 32, smokers said they noticed smoking had caused damage to their appearance. 

The effects smoking caused to their appearance caused four in ten to spend some extra time to their beauty regimen. Some people even said others had pointed out the flaws smoking had caused them.

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