Take caution with your Easter food

By Jodi Mohrmann - Managing Editor of special projects
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If you plan on munching on those Easter eggs after you've dyed them, pay extra attention to how you cook them.

Kansas State University Food Safety Specialist Londa Nwadike says when boiling and dying the eggs make sure the eggs are not out of the refrigerator for more than two hours.  Don't leave the eggs out to dry overnight.

Also, use coloring that says it is food safe. And keep the eggs in a separate container than the original egg carton.

"They could have some dirt and contamination on the outside so after you've boiled them then they're now clean and a ready to eat food so you don't want to put them back into that dirty, potentially dirty carton that they came in so put them into a bowl or something else where they can be clean and then they can be ready to eat," Nwadike warned.

If you're using the dyed eggs for an easter egg hunt, don't hide them on the ground or other dirty places where they could pick up bacteria. And Nwadike says be sure to enjoy those eggs within 7 days.

And when it comes to your Easter ham, after its been cooked, cut it into smaller pieces before putting it into the refrigerator. The large cut of ham won't cool fast enough and could allow bacteria to grow on your leftovers.

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