Trade coffee for 30 seconds of exercise

Exercise increases heart rate better than coffee

By Monica Whitsel - Producer

Coffee is a great pick-me-up. A lot of people turn to coffee as a go-to solution, whether it's first thing in the morning or running out of steam when running errands. 

Former Jacksonville Jaguar, and now trainer, James Stewart came on the Morning Show sounding off on new research stating you don't need the cup of coffee for a boost of energy.

According to the Daily Beast 30 seconds of exercise can increase your heart rate better than a cup of Joe. Coffee raises the heart rate by  6 percent, but doing certain exercises can raise your heart rate by 12 percent. 

The exercises you do instead of picking up the cup of coffee include push-ups, jumping jacks, mountain climbers or burpees. When it comes to burpees, you'll want to do it 20 times and for mountain climbers, you'll want to do 40. 

"Over time you'll start seeing your body actually toning up. That's the good part," Stewart said." was used to compare the boost of energy a person gets from coffee to that of doing exercises. The test takes into account a person's reaction time and memory.

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