Tricks to staying on your diet when you eat out

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - No matter how hard it is, we all have our ways to cut back when we eat out.  We talked to several people in Jacksonville to find out their tricks.

"I cut down the carbs and ask for half portions," said Zuzana.

"Sometimes I have a salad and an appetizer and that's my dinner," said Kayle.

"I try to start off with a salad because it slows down your digestive system so you don't eat as much," said John.

How about this, before you head out to eat, load up on ice water.  Experts say thirst can sometimes be confused with hunger.  German researchers found 90 minutes after drinking 16 ounces of cold water, your body's metabolism could be boosted 24 percent over it's normal rate.

Here's something else to try.  Arizona State researchers found students who cut up their food before they ate, actually ate 25 percent less. 

And, while we're not saying you shouldn't be a nice person, we will say that ignoring your waiter could be good for your weight.  A study in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services says if your server suggests a side dish, you're more likely to order those extra calories, unless you have a craving for something healthy.

As for dessert, if you have to eat it, eat it somewhere else!  British researchers found taking a short walk after a meal can reduce chocolate cravings, because like chocolate, exercise may increase the levels of feel-good chemicals in the brain.

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