Wedding weight challenges

Study: Most brides-to-be don't meet their goal, gain after saying 'I do'

By Jodi Mohrmann - Managing Editor of special projects
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A majority of women say they'd like to lose weight before their wedding day. But a recent Australian study found most brides-to-be don't reach their goal and actually end up gaining weight within 6 months of saying "I do."

"So, when you put a lot of pressure, or you put a time-frame on a particular- that type of change, then the amount of pressure will actually send you in the opposite direction. Probably eating to relieve the pressure as opposed to eating in a healthier way," explained Cleveland Clinic weight loss expert Dr. Karen Cooper.

Researchers at Flinders University recruited more than 340 women from two bridal expos, which were held about a year before each of the participants' weddings.  The women had their weight recorded three times: at the expo, one month before their wedding, and six months after the big day.

Results show that despite wanting to lose as much as 20-30 pounds, average weight did not change in the months leading up to the wedding.
in fact, six months after the wedding the women had gained an average of 4 pounds.

Researchers say the pressure of an impending wedding may make it more difficult to manage a weight-loss plan. Cooper says if you're thinking about losing weight prior to a wedding or other big event, she says what you really need is time.

"You need time to have your diet assessed properly, to exercise a little bit more, because our lives are so busy and so filled that you really have to take the time out to put those lifestyle changes in," said Cooper.

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