Doctors recommend children 2 to 8 get flu mist

New recommendation from the CDC for children and flu vaccinations

By Melanie Lawson - The Morning Show anchor

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Doctors say that getting a flu vaccines is the best protection, but most people don't look forward to getting stuck with a needle to get the vaccine, especially kids.

Dr. Vandana Bhide, with Mayo Clinic, said there's a new recommendation that might make it easier on your little ones.

"Certainly kids I'm sure and their parents would be happier getting the nasal spray rather than having to get a shot.  For the kids that's always a nice plus," said Bhide

The Centers for Disease Control recommends that kids 2 to 8 years old get the flu mist nasal spray. It's painless and just as effective as the shot.

"We know more information and we can be confident that kids if they get the nasal spray they're going to get the same kind of immunity that they would if they had the shot," said Bhide.

Dr. Bhide said some kids might have temporary wheezing associated with the flu mist so if you're prone to that, its recommended you get the shot.  But Bhide says just get vaccinated. She says children especially those younger than 1 are more prone to complications, like asthma, from the flu.

"I think people always ask should you really get a 6 month old a flu shot, and the answer is yes. It's very safe and those are the kids that are prone to get the complications."

Children younger than 6 months can't get the vaccine so if you have younger children it's even more important that everyone else in the house get vaccinated.

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