Strep throat versus a viral sore throat

Sore throats are going around in every local Northeast Florida county

By Melanie Lawson - The Morning Show anchor

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Many people are complaining of sore throats this month.  Pharyngitis is going around according to local doctors.   It can be bacterial or viral but either way they're both very contagious but only one is treatable.

"It's caused by a bacteria. Most pharyngitis that we see is viral so antibiotics don't do anything for the viral pharyngitis," says Dr. Matt Hale

We know the sore throat caused by bacteria as strep throat.  Doctors will give you a test to check for strep but Dr. Hale at UF Health says you can also do a first check yourself.

"There's a different appearance of the throat you can see pus in the back of the throat.  That's what doctors are looking for," says Hale

If you have strep Dr. Hale says the antibiotic should start to work in about two days but in severe cases you can get relief sooner.

"When you get the steroids usually in about 8 hours you get relief," says Hale

Prevention is key with most of the illnesses going around right now and the rules are the same, especially during this season when more people are cooped up indoors.

"You need to do a lot of hand washing, don't share cups, or toothbrushes or anything like that," says Hale.

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