Entertaining for less

Goodwill gives tips for ways to not break the bank this holiday season

By Monica Whitsel - Producer
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The holidays are filled with joy, laughter and fun, but with it comes the high price of traveling, cooking and baking, gift giving, decorating and so much more.

This time of year consumers can spend hundreds of dollars just to make the holidays one to remember. Though many want to enjoy the festivities of the season without breaking the bank.

Liz Morgan in Public Relations and Special Events for Goodwill is giving tips that can help save you some extra bucks. 

First and foremost, before you even step foot into a store you need to make a list.

The list should include what you are going to the store to buy. It can include what you buying others or what is needed to create a holiday meal. By having a list you'll be able to stick to what is needed and not necessarily veer off buy what is wanted. 

Next, you'll want to give yourself a budget.

Tell yourself you are only going to spend so much and stick to it without exceeding your limit. Sticking to a limit can allow your creative juices to flow if an item is more than what you wish to spend.

When you get to the store the best thing to do is to examine the items available.

It's especially important when it comes to fabrics. You want to check to make sure there aren't any tears or stains. 

Now, when it comes to patterns and colors, you'll want to stick with a certain color scheme. 

If you're questioning if you should mix different patterns, the answer is yes. In fact mixing patterns is a popular trend right now.

Last, if you aren't seeing the exact thing you are searching for, it's best to ask employees.

There's a chance those items could be in the back of the store and employees just haven't brought it out and put it on the shelves. Engaging with the employees can help you find what you are looking for. Plus if the item is not there, employees might be able to give you suggestions on what to get instead. 

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