This store has all the things to celebrate Black History Month

One-third of products in Black Beyond Measure collection from black-owned businesses

Left: Well Worn Men’s I Am Black History Short Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt. Right: Well Worn Kids’ Girl With Braids Short Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt (Target)

Target has done it again.

With the help of team members and guests, the store has created a Black History Month collection, including an exclusive product assortment. The theme has been named Black Beyond Measure.

The company explained on its website that its Black History Month assortment puts a spotlight on the heritage, legacy and impact of the black community.

The collection is available in hundreds of stores across the county, as well as online, and includes more than 100 items for $30 or less. Some of those items include clothing, beauty and home decor, stationary, toys and even food and beverages, among other things.

Another thing that’s worth noting: One-third of the products in the Black Beyond Measure collection are from black-owned businesses, including Lip Bar and Alikay Naturals.

“The process started by looking at the items that truly resonated with our guests in last year’s assortment — both on social media as well as from a sales perspective,” said Melanie Gatewood, Target’s director of multicultural merchandise. “The items that were most impactful last year were the ones that highlighted individuals with lasting legacies — this is where the theme, Black Beyond Measure, came from."

Kellen Axen, a senior manager of reports and insights, said the “I am Black History” shirt has a real significance to him.

“Being biracial, I struggled for a long time with my identity. I let other people tell me that I wasn’t ‘black enough’, and I believed them. It took me all too long to realize that you can’t let those people define who you are. For me, that shirt represents the decision I’ve made to embrace all of who I am. I am Black History, and I’m proud of that.”

Want to see the full Black Beyond Measure collection? Click here.

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