Tips for Driving on Winter Roads and How to Avoid Accidents


Winter has arrived, and with it comes driving conditions that can leave motorists gripping their steering wheels and hoping they can get from one point to another without incurring a fender-bender, or worse. Inside Edition has tips to help you navigate the roads and prevent accidents from happening. 

Mike Stillwagon, an instructor at the Skip Barber Driving School in Connecticut, noted most accidents happen while people are driving downhill.

“The safest way to drive is very cautious and very slow,” he said.

Stillwagon said the worst thing you can do when driving when it snows or while the roads are icy is to “slam on the brakes too hard and lose control.”

Instead, he says motorists should “just ride [the break pedal] lightly."

Stillwagon said if you feel yourself going into a spin, take your foot off the gas and don't brake.

“Keep your foot off the brake,” he said. “Steer into the direction of the slide, look where you want to go, stay off the brakes and let the grip come back to you.”


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