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Dr. Oz Launches 'System 20,' a Plan Made 'To Live Your Best Life'

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Dr. Oz is ready to jump start your new year with his brand new lifestyle plan, System 20.

“The benefit of System 20 is that over the course of 2020, if you do these 20 steps, you'll be able to lose 20 pounds if you want to, but more importantly reduce the chance of chronic illness like diabetes or high blood pressure by 20%,” Dr. Oz told Inside Edition.

Inside Edition was there as Dr. Oz launched his program, which he said is comprised of 20 straightforward steps. 

“A lot of them are as simple as, when you first get up in the morning, take some deep breaths in, get your posture right and meditate,” he said. "Simple ideas like instead of texting all the time, call your friends, connect socially. Go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time, too. The steps are small, but they add up and become really powerful. They're all based on hard science.

"This is not about dieting, this is about having a system to live your best life," he continued.

The key to the program is intermittent fasting, which requires participants to limit their eating to an eight-hour window each day, he said.

“We want you to eat from (11 a.m.-7 p.m.) and not after that! But what we do want you to do when you're not eating is exercise!" he said. "Because if you do those two things, eat at the right time and exercise at the right times, you're gonna sleep better and deal with the stress."


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