Teen Surprised With Puppy After His Dad's Death: 'This Was His Final Gift'

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Joe Kavaluskis always loved surprising his sons, and even during his nine-year battle with cancer, the Michigan dad never stopped planning adventures for his family. 

"He always had these cool things planned out and he would try to keep them secrets until we were there," his son, Logan Kavaluskis, 13, told InsideEdition.com. "He turned everything into a good, happy thing." 

Joe knew Logan had wanted a puppy since he was 3 years old, even carrying around a toy Boston terrier to make his point. But Joe's allergies had always kept the family from adopting a dog.

When Joe learned he would be losing his battle with cancer, he and his wife, Melanie, planned one more surprise for their sons. 

"He said, 'Just promise me that when I do pass, you will get Logan a puppy as soon as you can, because I know that it will bring him a lot of comfort,'" Melanie Kavaluskis told InsideEdition.com.  

Joe passed away on Jan. 8. Five days later, on Logan's 13th birthday, Melanie told him that they were going to help their cousin pick up his puppy.

Logan asked to hold the little Boston terrier and French bulldog mix in the car. 

"We stopped at a gas station so I could hold him for the rest of the way home and then my cousin hands the dog to me and says, 'This is from your dad; this is yours,'" Logan said. 

The moment brought him to tears. The family has since named the puppy Indy, and he's quickly made himself at home. Joe's positive attitude lives on in his sons.

"I know he's taught the boys: just keep pushing forward, don't give up, and good things will come to you if you do good things for others," Melanie added.


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