From Virtual Birthday Parties to Livestream Workouts: Life Goes Online Amid Coronavirus

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With social distancing in full effect, people are now living online, doing everything from family gatherings to yoga classes from the safety of their own homes.

One little boy named Roger celebrated his birthday from home. His grandparents couldn't come because they're hunkered down in their homes, so they joined in virtually on laptops and iPads.

Video shows them cheer as the 3-year-old opens his gifts and test drives his new scooter. His siblings carry around their laptops so the grandparents are able to get a good look.

Coronavirus also hasn't stopped people from getting in their exercise.

Lindsey Rozmes of Hoboken, New Jersey, has as many as 300 students logging into her live-streamed classes every day.

Other group activities moving online are dance lessons, happy hour and even funerals. 

As health officials continuing urging the public to avoid crowds as one of the most effective ways to slow down the spread of the virus, it appears that staying connected to one another online will only increase in the coming weeks.


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