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The Wacky Ways People Quarantining Because of Coronavirus are Entertaining Themselves While Stuck Inside

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With tens of millions of Americans stuck at home because of the coronavirus, some are bound to get a little stir-crazy. 

That hasn't stopped people from inventing creative ways to pass the time and sharing their activities on social media.

Using a three-way mirror, one man quarantined at home is toasting to himself. In a hilarious video, he raises the glass to his reflected image three times.

Another guy passed the time in his bathroom pretending he is on a crowded train, except the subway bar is actually his bathtub curtain rod. 

Two men stuck their torsos out of neighboring windows and rallied a tennis ball back and forth until it plunged several stories to the ground below.

And with major sports on hold, fans have turned to marble racing or "Marbula One" broadcasted by an enthusiast on YouTube. The sport has become an overnight sensation with an impressive set up complete with winding tracks, teams and stands full of marbles.


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