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Inside Edition's Jim Moret Gets Tested for the Coronavirus

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Inside Edition chief correspondent Jim Moret was covering the coronavirus pandemic when he suddenly became part of the story.

About two weeks ago, Moret said he started feeling fatigued and soon developed a cough, a low fever, headache and aches. The veteran journalist and his wife Keri entered self-quarantine and tried to stay apart as they battled similar symptoms.

Moret called his doctor and he said he needed to see them to determine if what they had was COVID-19 or just the seasonal flu.

The test was quick — a swab of the throat and nose. 

It took eight days for the results to come back, and Moret said the waiting period was tense. The first round of testing showed that Moret had the flu, plus a sinus and chest infection. However, days letter, the test for coronavirus came back negative.

Moret said he is on the mend, feeling much better and ready to get back to work. 


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