En Route with Volunteers Who Are Helping the Elderly Get Groceries During the Coronavirus Quarantine

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The co-founder of Connecting-LA is taking Inside Edition to a local Los Angeles grocery store so she can pick out food for the elderly in the area who are quarantined due to the COVID-19 pandemic

“A lot of them are scared to go outside,” Lorena Camerena told Inside Edition. “I came up with a plan to get people together to support their local seniors.”

Her program matches one volunteer with one senior to drop off what they need. After the list is complete, she disinfects the goods and then goes to bring them to the client. 

There is no contact between her and the client as she drops off the goods on the front stoop and rings the bell. 

“I can’t thank you enough, I have no one else,” the client told her as she dropped off the goods. 

Jessica Turner, who is also a delivery person for Connecting-LA, has become fast friends with her elderly dropoff person, Eve Berman. Whenever Jessica drops off the goods to Eve, the two air hug from a distance and look forward until they get to see each other again.


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