Coronavirus Lockdown Has Led to Double-Digit Increase in Domestic Violence

The worst fears of domestic violence experts are being realized: the coronavirus lockdown has led to a double digit increase in domestic violence around the country as many shelters are either understaffed or closed.

One mother of three was allegedly gunned down by her estranged husband after he claimed to have been exposed to COVID-19. Her family believes it may have been a ploy to clear out the house so she'd be alone. 

In Florida, fitness coach David Anthony is accused of trying to cover up his estranged wife's disappearance by falsely claiming she'd been hospitalized with COVID-19. He is accused of sending "suspicious text messages" to her friends claiming she was "being held by the CDC" and "on a ventilator."

Police say the woman, Gretchen, is now presumed dead. Her body has not been found.