JaxBest: Coffee is big business, so which shop gets yours?

What do you look for in your coffee?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Can’t live without your daily cup of coffee? Why do you frequent the local coffee shop you do? Is it their lattes or cappuccinos? Love the atmosphere?

Maybe it’s the special taste of a regular cup of java because of the way they roast their beans.

Regardless, the fact is all coffee drinkers have their favorite stops. And there’s no shortage of local coffee shops in the Jacksonville area.  

And with good reason.

According to the National Coffee Association's 2019 data, 63% of Americans drink coffee on a given day and 79% say they've had coffee in the past year.

And the trend toward gourmet coffee is growing: 61% of those who had a cup of coffee the day before reported they drank a gourmet brew, according to the NCA's National Coffee Data Trends market research.

In 2018, NCA data showed U.S. coffee drinkers consumed about three cups a day on average.

And coffee is big business, a Money Matters report from Acorns found Americans spend about $1,100 a year on our coffee habit.

By the way, coffee shops are not just places where coffee percolates. There are other perks, too.

It’s a place where people meet, make plans and connect. It’s social.

It’s a place to retreat, get some work done, just browse the internet.

Some people say it’s a sanctuary and a good place to chill.

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