Eden Kendall, Mark Payton and Rance Adams host River City Live, showcasing the energetic lifestyle of greater Jacksonville.
8 am weekdays
Rance, Eden and Mark with River City Live
Weekend movies on WCWJ-17 are hosted by with River City Live talent Eden Kendall and Mark Payton. What's showing this weekend?
Saturdays & Sundays
Rance, Eden and Mark with River City Live
Joe Talentino hosts iKnowJaxa weekly program looking at fun things to do in and around Jacksonville.
6:30 pm Sundays
iKnow JAX
Steve Christian and spiritual medium Pamela Theresa investigate Local Haunts, looking for proof of the paranormal.
Mondays at 1 am
Local Haunts
Join Pamela Theresa on the incredible journey of spirit communication in Medium in the Raw.
Mondays at 1:30 am
Medium in the Raw
A monthly news magazine show created by students in UNF's Advanced Multimedia Storytelling class.
Last Sundays at 6 pm
Inside Jacksonville