Teen posts 'promposal' for Blake Bortles on YouTube

Quarterback drafted by Jacksonville Jaguars asked to attend prom

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Days after the Jaguars introduced former University of Central Florida quarterback Blake Bortles to Jacksonville, the Oviedo native now has a new offer on the table.

Bortles was asked to a Jacksonville teen Natassja Krupcynzski's prom via a song posted to YouTube.

The Mandarin High School senior and Miss Mandarin 2014 posted the video Monday with the title "Promposal."

"I would just be so excited to meet a Jaguar player," Krupcynzski said. "My family and I are big Jags fans, and I just think it'd be a great experience for the both of us."

"My father and I were watching the NFL draft, and I didn't really have a prom date," Krupcynzski said. "And Blake got drafted in the first round, and he was pretty cute. And my dad asked, 'Well, why don't you ask him to prom?' And I just thought it was a joke at first, but then it became kind of serious and I sang a little song for him."

As of Wednesday afternoon, the video had been viewed more than 1,600 times and is gaining momentum on Facebook and Twitter.


But why wouldn't Krupcynzski want to ask a fellow classmate to prom?

"Guys at my high school (shows hands going up and down) -- Blake, I mean -- I think Blake's cuter," Krupcynzski said.

Bortles is currently in a relationship with Lindsey Duke, and Krupcynzski said she hopes her video doesn't come across as offensive.

"Yes, I do know that he has a girlfriend, and that's OK," she said. "We don't have to get married or date or anything, but just going to prom would be such a great experience. I think that he can just come and get assimilated into Jacksonville and meet his new fans and stuff like that."

With prom about a week away, the clock is ticking on this social media Hail Mary.

Krupcynzski said if Bortles says no, there won't be any hard feelings and she'll simply go with her best friends instead.

Neither the Jaguars nor Bortles have commented on the video yet.