Indiana officer's license plate controversy

Many find personalized "oink" plate offensive


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana may be putting an end to personalized license tags on cars because of what one police officer had printed on his. 

Officer Rodney Vawter's tag on his personal car reads "oink".

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles wants him to get a new tag made, but a local court ruled in may that the state has to allow it because of his right to free speech. 

The department says it plans to appeal the decision to the state Supreme Court.  They also put all vanity plate purchases on hold while the lawsuit is pending.  Many state officials said they find his license plate offensive. 

The ACLU recently joined the fight.   They think the states have a right to ban vulgar or offensive tags, but they don't his particular license plate pertains. 

So today on our Facebook page we're asking you what you think.

Do you think Vawter should be allowed to keep the tag?  Or do you think it's offensive and he should change it?

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