Three day work week with early retirement option

Carlos Slim introducing new work week option


One of the richest men in the world, Carlos Slim, is introducing a new work option that has many people excited.

It's a three day work week with the option for a very early retirement.

The 74-year-old Mexican communications titan says each work day would be 11 hours long.

Employees would keep working until 70 or 75-years-old.

But the system allows some to retire much earlier.. even as young as 50. 

Workers would have the option to not retire, and keep working shorter days during a four day work week. 

He says it's important for workers to have time off to relax and focus on personal activities and family, and that will actually make them more motivated to focus when they are at the office.

So today for our Social Media Question of the Day we're asking you what you think about the idea.

Would you rather work 3 longer days or keep your work week the same way it is now?

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