Adopted Jacksonville woman asks for help finding birth family

Amy Gearhart's Facebook post is going viral

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A woman adopted and raised in Jacksonville has taken to Facebook to find her birth family and is asking for help to share her story in hopes of tracking them down.

Amy Gearhart said she was told she was born in an Orange Park hospital on March 3, 1990. She was adopted at 2 days old and raised as Amy Elizabeth DuPont until she got married in 2011.

Gearhart said she lived in Jacksonville her whole life but recently moved to Washington state.

She said she has no idea where her birth parents and sister might be now, so she took to the internet to spread her story in hopes of finding them.

“I know my dad was in the military when I was born and he had a tall build with brown hair and brown eyes. I know my mom had brunette hair with green eyes,” Gearhart wrote in her post, which has been shared more than 300 times. “I am not doing this in any ill manner. I just want to know where I come from, and if they see this and me, maybe someone would be interested in getting to know me.”

She joked in the post that 'years' is misspelled in the sign she made (see photo above) because all the letters wouldn't fit.

Gearhart asked anyone with information about her birth family to contact her by text at 904-534-0302 or to message her on Facebook.

“I am really putting myself out there doing this,” Gearhart wrote. “Thank you so much for all the future help, and hopefully I'll find someone from my biological family.”