Deputies: Warning about kids being used to lure rape victims is hoax

Deputies say no truth to post making rounds on Facebook again


St. Johns County investigators are warning residents not to be duped by a hoax making the rounds again on Facebook.

The Sheriff's Office Intelligence Unit has been seeing posts telling people to be on their guard about rapists using small children who appear to be lost to lure victims.

Investigators said those reports have NOT been validated in any location that they have heard of. 

"There HAS NOT been a rash of small children pretending to be lost as part of a scheme of any kind, especially not to place women in jeopardy," deputies wrote in a social media post alerting residents to the hoax.

They asked Facebook users to not share the post if they see it because it's not true.

It's "what they call fake news," deputies wrote in their social media post.

They said the hoax appeared on the internet back in 2005 and various versions made the rounds again in 2010.

Deputies added that any information that would come from the Sheriff's Office would include Sheriff’s Office insignia, colors or official letterhead. It would not reference any television stations as a source, either.

For more information on the hoax, visit www.snopes.com/fact-check/lost-child-rape-lure.

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Posted by St. Johns County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, July 31, 2018