11 must-have items for grill time

Perhaps some grilling will be on the agenda as this summer continues and eventually winds down.

(Are we jerks for even suggesting that summer has to end?)

Regardless, we've come up with all the things your favorite griller could want.

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1. Ultimate dual grill

Chances are your grill master already has some type of grill, but what would they love more than a new one? The gas side gives them the option of having convenience and more control over the flame, or when they want that special taste only achieved by using charcoal, there's that option, too!

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2. Grilling master's tool set

These are tools for the most serious of outside chefs, with everything they could need. Not only are they high-grade stainless steel, every item inside the carrying case comes with a two-year manufacturer's warranty.

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3. Rustic wooden cooler

This is my personal favorite, because nothing goes with grilling like a cold beverage. Not only is it stylish for the patio, it's got a convenient bottle opener on the outside and it's easy to put together.

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4. LED light-up cornhole

Besides that cornhole is awesome, this set has LED light-up boards to boot. Um, cool! And let's be honest: Chances are, if someone is grilling, there will often be more than one person hanging out. Nothing like a little friendly competition to keep the entertainment going. With all-weather bean bags and an easy fold-up, there’s simply no reason not to get this gem. Think of it as a gift for everyone.

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5. Durable LED grilling light

Let’s be honest, despite the cold beverages, it can get warm! So maybe your grilling expert wants to wait until the sun goes down for a little cooler weather (us cornhole players will appreciate that, too). This waterproof grilling light — 10 bright LEDs, to be exact — illuminates the entire grilling surface so there’s no more taking the meat inside to check it.

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6. Perfectly-shredding meat claws

Make shredding meat a breeze for your grillaholic with these professional-grade meat claws. They're also perfect for tossing salads or holding food for slicing, and since they're dishwasher safe, it’s an easy cleanup. You're welcome.

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7. Wireless digital meat thermometer

As one reviewer says, this thermometer has “all the bells and whistles,” without having to spend a fortune. It has a stainless steel probe that gets the temperature precisely and quickly, along with preset temperatures for several different cooking levels to suit any personal taste.

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8. Stainless steel veggie grilling basket

Don't let your grill master keep fumbling around with foil. Or maybe they’re popping in and out of the house because the vegetables are being steamed or fried. This is the perfect way to get deliciously grilled vegetables with less hassle.

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9. Variety skewer set

The perfect thing about shish kebabs? Everyone can get involved in preparing their own by picking their favorite items. This includes stainless steel and bamboo skewers, with a foldable grill rack set to keep the meat and veggies away from the grill grates and hold them in place.

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10. Flavor lover's smoker 

Does your grilling pro love an authentic smokehouse flavor? No gas or charcoal grill can quite get that one down. And here is your answer. This smoker is made of porcelain-enameled steel and has a heat-resistant nylon handle, rust-resistant aluminum heat shield and built-in thermometer, among other things.

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11. Durable leather apron

Protect your grilling master from the splatters and hot grease with this flame-retardant-lined apron. It’s durable, ties around the waist and has convenient front pockets that provide storage space for those awesome grilling tools.

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We hope this was helpful and you found the perfect grilling accessory!

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