15 graduates who completely nailed decorating their cap

These aren't your average graduation caps


It's that time of year again where college-aged seniors are graduating and entering the real world, but some students take it as one last opportunity to get creative. 

If you've been to a college graduation ceramony in the last few years, you've noticed that some grads go all out and decorate the top of their graduation cap with a funny message, sentimental words or just pure creative artistry. 

Here are 15 graduates who totally nailed decorating their graduation cap. 

1. An ode to Rihanna with this cap. 


2. This graduate is done being a "poor unfortunate soul."  


3. We've been waiting for this episode of "Friends!" 


4. If Kim K. can do it, so can you.  


5. You go, girl!  


6. A star is born, and so is a graduate.  


7. Who else is still waiting for their Hogwarts letter? 


8. And now it's time to play the "Game of Loans."  


9. Facts are facts.  


10. Cardi B would approve.  


11. On to bigger and better things.  


12. It's just like Béyonce said... 


13. Does anyone ever have time for a nap? 


14. Same.  


15. When you realize you have so much more school to attend.  

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