Make your own burlap wreath

Looking for a fun fall craft that will cost you less than $10? Learn how to make your own burlap wreath, complete with a festive ribbon!

What you will need: 60 feet of 5" wide burlap ribbon or garland 16" wire wreath 1 - 18 foot spool of 2" wide wired accent ribbon (I use a deep orange for a fall theme) Twine Black spray paint Clear sealer spray paint High temperature glue gun Glue sticks

Instructions: Begin by tying a knot. Turn the wire wreath frame upside down and wrap a portion of the burlap around the center wire in the frame and tie a knot. Weave the burlap through the wire frame. Then, flip the wire frame around and gather 6-7 inches of burlap ribbon. Push the burlap between two of the wires in the frame. Take an other 6-7 inches of burlap and create a loop and twist it once. Then, push the loop between two of the other wires in the frame so that it's not right next to the first bunch you pushed through. Begin adding your accent ribbon. Tie one end of your accent ribbon to the wire frame so that the knot is on the back side of the frame. Then, create a loop (about the same size as your burlap loops) and push it up between two of the wires in the wreath frame. Push the accent ribbon as closely as you can to your burlap loops. Continue this process of alternating between burlap and accent ribbon until the wire frame is full.

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