Parents, is it OK to retouch your child's yearbook picture?

Editing child's photo could suggest they don't look 'good enough,' expert warns

By Garrett Pelican - Digital executive producer, Dana Levy - Producer
Photo via Pixabay

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Editing images is so second nature these days that we do it without even thinking. Our favorite apps let us improve every snapshot, from a quick selfie to a picturesque skyline.

But does it send the wrong message to edit certain images? Take our children's yearbook pictures, for example. Is it crossing the line to push for a blemish-free version of their photograph?

That's the question ABC's "Good Morning America" recently set out to answer. As it turns out, most of the mothers who spoke with GMA said they would not have their children's school photos retouched.

Parenting coach Limor Weinstein told GMA that editing children’s photos can signal to the child that they don’t look “good enough,” but noted it can be done in in some cases without hurting their feelings:

“If parents communicate with the child and the child feels comfortable with whatever is edited, then it might be ok, but it depends on what is being edited. If it is a scar or something that is temporary and the child is very upset about it then it is not a big deal to edit the photos."

Weinstein said each case is different and should be handled accordingly. But she said it boils down to a few important questions that parents need to ask themselves: who wants the photos edited, and why?

"What I found when I spoke with parents about this topic asked them these questions, they end up realizing that their choice was for them, not the child, and therefore might not be a good choice."

So, tell us what you think about this. Does it send the wrong message to your children to retouch their school photos? Take our Facebook poll and we'll have you results starting at 5 on News4Jax.

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