Police say woman kills roommate, posts confession video on Facebook

Sunrise woman accused of slamming man's face in floor during fight over dog

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SUNRISE, Fla. - A South Florida woman beat and robbed her roommate, who died of his injuries, during an argument about her dog and then posted a video on Facebook in which she admitted to the crime, police said.

Rosemarie Farid, 40, was arrested July 5 on a charge of premeditated murder.

According to a probable cause report obtained by Local 10 News on Friday, Farid told Sunrise police detectives she was awakened early in the morning June 30 by Donald Gavagni, who was playing his guitar loudly in the living room. They argued about his loud music before Farid returned to sleep.

Later that day, Gavagni returned home and was angry at Farid for having her dog inside the house.

They were arguing in the living room when Gavagni shoved Farid, prompting her to shove him back, the report said.

Gavagni fell and hit his head on the tile, at which point Farid straddled him, pinned his face against the tile, grabbed his hair and hit his face against the floor, Farid admitted to detectives, the report said.

Farid also admitted that she believed she had the desire and ability to kill him and had "fantasized about killing" him, the report added.

As she slammed his face against the floor, Farid told detectives in the report, she screamed, "This is for the first dog you killed."

Farid then took $50 from Gavagni's wallet and his cellphone so he couldn't call 911, the report said.

That same day, Farid confessed to detectives, she made a video describing how she bashed Gavagni's head on the tile and took his wallet, the report said. The video appeared on her Facebook page.

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